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Self-Care is not a luxury.

Living in this modern day and culture, productivity reigns supreme. Who has time for self-care when we have to tend to so many responsibilities? Work to make ends meet, to make money, to save money, to buy more things we think we need, to push ourselves to reach our finance, fitness and health goals. But to what end? What are we sacrificing In order to do so? Have we been conditioned to believe our worth is determined by our productivity? And if so, what kind of affect does that have on our psyche, and our bodies?

I have found through my own observations, the “all or nothing” , The “more, more, more”, and the “no pain, no gain” mentalities, have taken high priority and importance in our western culture. Although I do believe there are positive and beneficial times for the application of these ideologies. While this way of thinking has definitely brought our world many blessings and innovations, I believe it can also create an insensitivity to our biological and physiological needs. When is too much? When and where do we cross the line into imbalance? When our energy is depleted, our soil is depleted, our resources are polluted and depleted? Our relationships decline, our minds and bodies start to break down and disease and illness begin to take form?

I realize that this cultural conditioning runs deep into social, economical and environmental issues and I recognize the levels of privilege that allow for some to partake in certain types of self-care. But I am not talking about thousand dollar retreats and high end yoga classes. I am talking about the belief that every human deserves the act of self-love in all its many forms, and with that belief Self-Care is not a luxury, it is a human right. It is an act of self respect, as it is an act of respect to all of our relationships. Self-Care is necessary to living a balanced life. Tending to the well-being of our bodies, minds, emotions, energy levels, and our spiritual connections not only allows us to fully experience our human existence, but it contributes to the productivity and quality of our lives. When we take care of ourselves, our healing and our needs, we are more capable to show up for others, our jobs, our communities and our creative endeavors.

In what ways do you care for yourself? What does self-care look like to you? Is it trusting that you can slow down and take a break in the middle of your busy day, to take a few cleansing breaths, daydream, or even take a nap? Or maybe its giving yourself a gentle nudge to go on a walk and get more movement in your day. Ultimately, I believe self care begins with knowing you are worthy of love and the belief the you’re allowed to be alive, just as you are in this moment. Trusting that the world will not end just because you take time to tend to yourself and your needs.

Take a moment to take a breath and check in with yourself. “How do I feel in my body right now?” Can I take a moment to sit with that feeling?

-Kyle Hanson

Here is a link for more information on the different types of self-care:






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