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About Me

Kyle Hanson

Certified Hellerwork Practitioner 

Board Certified Structural Integrator 

Currently practicing in Joshua Tree California

My journey of seeking and becoming embodied naturally began to develop in my early youth when I was a young boy running, jumping and playing in the rocks in the Mojave desert. As I grew I began to play team sports and other extreme sports like bmx. While these sports taught me to use my body and to have fun, they eventually led to bodily injuries and trauma. These injuries not only created pain and discomfort, but compensational patterns, inefficient postures and inhibited movement, which ultimately led to more pain and discomfort.

It wasn't until the pain was "so loud" that I began seeking help and other practices that could reduce my suffering. This led me to my interests of yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices. These practices allowed me to become more aware of the restrictions in my body and ultimately my mind, my energy and my emotions.

I became more open to experimenting with other forms of alternative therapies like chiropractics, bodywork, acupuncture, and eventually Hellerwork Structural Integration.

Not only did Hellerwork begin to bring relief to my body, but it began to shine light on how I was using my body in daily life that was re-creating and sustaining the imbalances and discomfort in my body. Patterns I was unconsciously returning to after my yoga practice or other bodywork sessions. Hellerwork has given me an opportunity to recognize the patterns that aren't working and to build new and functional ones. This awareness has allowed me to connect to my body on a deeper level and has given me space for free and authentic self-expression, while empowering me to take responsibility for my own experience.

Through my own injuries, traumas and witnessing the disembodied norm throughout our culture, I have been inspired to seek true and lasting embodiment and balance. 

Today, I continue to use the tools I have gathered through self-inquiry and my personal journey to assist others in connecting to their own innate wisdom, teacher and bodies within the gravitational field to reach their well-ness goals

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“In relearning the use of the body, you are living in a state of almost constant revelation. You are likely to find that almost everything you do can be done more efficiently, more pleasurably, and with greater ease than was possible before. You will have much greater stamina and strength, and many of the debilitating "symptoms of aging" will be reversed. In the state of good posture, which is indeed a state of being, your body will feel very light, almost weightless, and will seem less dense–as if your head were a kite and the rest of the body the tail dangling lightly from it.”

-Jean Houston, The Possible Human

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